Thursday, November 13, 2008

Personal History

Some history about CW Knives and myself and family:

I started making knives in 1981, after meeting another maker visiting with him in his shop for about 2 years. Shortly after that I joined the knifemakers guild. After 18 years I left as a mamber in good standing.

In 2001 I attened an engraving school in Colo. Now I do a little light engraving, on my own knives, along with making knives, Occasionally doing an outside job.

During all of this, I worked full time in a lumber mill in southern Oregon, retiring in 2004. Until losing sight in my right eye, I enjoyed hunting with both long bow and rifle. Now the wife (Sharyl) and I do a lot of fishing. I still do some target shooting, for fun. I also enjoy attening gun and knife shows and just talking knives.

My wife enjoys doing crafty things plus growing flowers and quite often out fishing me.

We have one son in Seattle, who raises snakes as a hobby and gives talks about them at local schools. Another son in Denver, who enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. Our daughter, here in Moscow is a dept. manager at Safeway. Plus busy ( we help a lot) raising two special needs children.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NWKC Knife Show 2008

This is our display from the NWKC show. Most of these knives are still avialable in my current stock.